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Holidays at Mareo - a priceless invitation to slow down

What is a wellness holiday if not a chance to slow down, listen to nature, take a deep breath to regain tranquillity, and rediscover the essence of the small things in life.

Time for yourself

For our grandparents, this was very simple. Our days used to be governed by the rhythms of nature and characterised by the seasons, with snow heralding a long period of silence and renewal every year. Today, however, time seems to have become a single entity against which we must fight, which we must know how to manage and control, and which we too often no longer possess.

A wellness holiday at Hotel Mareo in San Vigilio di Marebbe represents a welcome antidote to modern rhythms. From the very first moment of their arrival, we want our guests to take their foot off the accelerator and inhale the perfumes of nature while connecting with the land of the Dolomites.

You will discover the pleasure of appreciating nature and its purest marvels. You will experience the flavours of our ancestors' recipes, the freshness of organic products grown in our own garden, the wholesomeness of fresh bread every morning, and the welcoming taste of local ingredients that have been expertly combined by our chef.
You will lose track of time as you are cradled by the warm waters of our pool, pampered by an holistic treatment, while you sample a Swiss pine grappa by the fireside or simply chat with our family and partners.
You will awake each morning to the sparkling air of the mountains and fall asleep beneath the stars, while enjoying the harmonious balance of darkess and silence.
You will rediscover a sense of equilibrium while walking, reflecting, tasting and conversing. You will redefine your sense of time thanks to the nature and people you will encounter.

We hope that you will experience the essence of this place with all of your senses, perceiving it and making it your own, and that you will rediscover the pleasure of finding the right time for each thing, allowing you to return home feeling regenerated and with a little extra time for yourself.

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